DIY? But Don’t Do In Your Back

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I managed a quick trip to a local DIY store yesterday, to click and collect some paint to redecorate the clinic. We gathered some envious looks as we were at the front of the queue, compared to the queue around the corner for those wanting to browse the store. Spring is definitely the time we see a fair few DIY injuries, so here are some DIY tips so you don’t do in your back!

Reach for the sky

  • Use an extended handle, held at chest height with your paint pad or roller.
  • Try to keep your head facing forward in a neutral position. Don’t overstretch your neck.
  • Lie down using a platform if you can.

Don’t twist again

  • Make sure you face your ladder and move it regularly, don’t over-lean.
  • Try to keep your shoulder, hips and knees all facing in the same direction.

Treat DIY like normal exercise

  • To reduce the likelihood of a muscle strain, make sure you warm up and warm down.

Dress appropriately

  • Ensure you wear comfy clothing that gives you room when you are moving about.

Take a break

  • Vary your DIY jobs and only spend twenty minutes on each task.
  • Take breaks to avoid being in the same position for too long.

Plan ahead

  • Buy smaller, multiple bags of heavy items, when visiting your local DIY store, for example cement. Smaller items are easier and safer to carry.
  • Use a trolley if you do have to transport heavy items.
  • Ask an assistant in store to help, particularly if you have a back problem.
  • Keep your elbows bent and to your sides to reduce stress on your body. Don’t lift with your arms straight outwards.
  • If you are expecting your items to be delivered to your home, ask the driver to unload them as close as they can to where you need them.

Please take a look at this short video on DIY tips for better spinal health.

Take care with those DIY jobs and please don’t do in your back.



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