Back Pain

Back pain can affect four out of five people at some point within their lifetime, but staying active combined with chiropractic treatment can be an effective solution to this.

Poor posture can lead to back pain

The chiropractor may advise you to make postural changes if you:

  • spend hours a day sitting at a desk, computer or in front of the TV
  • sleep in a bed that is too hard or soft
  • drive long distances in a car, van or lorry
  • find yourself hunching your back and shoulders in stressful situations

Daily activities, such as bending, driving, lifting, twisting and repetitive movements may result in a ‘bad back’. Your chiropractor will want to understand how you tackle these everyday movements. You may be asked about any major traumas to your back such as: car accidents, falls, sporting injuries and lifting heavy objects.

You may also be complaning of leg pain which may be referred from the low back. Your chiropractor during your visit will endeavour to explain the cause of your pain.

At Jon Sharp Chiropractic, we believe we should treat the cause of your pain, not just the pain itself. Your chiropractor will carry out a full examination and ask you questions about your pain, medical history and lifestyle, to try and discover the cause of your back pain and offer a diagnosis of your complaint.

Then your treatment will begin, often with gentle, specific adjustments (the chiropractic word for manipulation) done by hand, to free stiff joints and remove spinal nerve irritation. This effective drug-free treatment is generally painless, although you may feel some short-term discomfort if your back is very sore. Your chiropractor may also use other techniques such as mobilisation or stretching, soft tissue massage, or dry needling (a form of western acupuncture). You may also be recommended specific exercises, advised on the use of heat and/or ice and be provided with information in order to prevent recurrence of the injury.

How long will chiropractic take to work?

Scientific evidence and guidelines for medical practitioners state that chiropractic spinal manipulation can help back pain, especially if carried out within the first six weeks. The longer you have been in pain, the longer it may take to improve with treatment. Your chiropractor will advise you of your likely recovery time, and how to minimise the chances of the problem happening again. Early treatment is important, but chiropractors are also effective at treating long-standing or chronic back pain.

Can chiropractic treatment be given during pregnancy?

Yes. If you are pregnant, your chiropractor will utilise safe and gentle techniques that are suitable to use during pregnancy. You may also be offered advice with regards to nutrition, posture and exercise.

Is chiropractic treatment possible after surgery?

Probably. Our chiropractors have both the training and expertise to determine whether chiropractic is suitable and arrange the appropriate treatment for the individual.







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