Your First Visit

When you meet our chiropractor for the first time, he will start with a discussion about you, your health and your reasons for asking for chiropractic help.

The chiropractor will then need to examine you, at which point you may be asked to perform certain tests, mainly concentrating on the musculoskeletal system, although it may be necessary to check other things such as your heart, lungs and abdomen to rule out other causes. Gowns are made available for you to wear for the examination, as well as any following treatments. If chiropractic appears not to be suitable for you, you will be referred to your GP or relevant specialist.

After the initial consultation and examination, your chiropractor may offer you treatment almost immediately. However, it may be delayed if you need to be referred for an X-Ray or MRI / CT scan.

Before treatment starts, your chiropractor will tell you, in clear simple language, what is wrong with you, what can be done about it and what you should expect when you receive your first adjustment. You will probably be told about any exercises or changes to your lifestyle or diet that may be beneficial, so that you can help yourself.

Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, often gentle, specific adjustments, done by hand, to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly. This may involve a short thrust to a joint that can result in an audible crack, which is gas releasing from in the fluid of the joint as the pressure is released. Apart from the adjustment, your chiropractor may use a variety of techniques including sports massage, stretching techniques, dry needling (a form of acupuncture), heat, ice and exercises.

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