Keep on Moving

These are indeed strange times. As a chiropractor in lockdown I have decided, on the advice of the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), to stop treating face2face to ‘stop the spread’. The good news. I can still give you advice on how to keep healthy. How to reduce the risk of a bad back, a stiff neck or other muscle-skeletal injury. We all know the benefits of exercise and how they can enrich us physically, mentally and emotionally. Shrewsbury Chiropractic recommends to keep on moving.

Physical inactivity is now identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global death, by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Sedentary behaviour is becoming more commonplace. We know it will lead to poorer general health of the population worldwide. Keeping moving helps to invigorate the heart, lungs and circulatory system. Other benefits include maintaining muscles strength, healthy bones and lowering your chances of depression.

Guidelines state that adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. Alternatively you could do 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week. Or a combination of the two. Muscle-strengthening activities should be done involving major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week.

Children should be taking at least 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity daily. Most of this should be aerobic and strengthening exercises should be undertaken at least 3 times per week.

So what counts as ‘physical activity’? Maybe a commute to work -walking or cycling. Leave the car at home, to reduce that carbon footprint and save some money. If your job is physical (I should be fine then!) this can count, and if not perhaps try a 15 minute walk at lunchtime. Household chores which involve movement. The more movement the better or playing games. Then you have your sports or planned exercise.

I think it really helps it you do some planned exercise that you actually enjoy- you’re more likely to stick to it. The weather has been great so far and hopefully I haven’t just tempted it! If you like gardening, its great to get out in the fresh air and get some Vitamin D. Just remember to pick a few different jobs and alternate between them. This will put less stress on the spine and work the muscles in different ways, a bit like a Joe Wicks workout. Take regular breaks- there’s no need to rush. Just keep on moving.

If you’re running at the moment, try and get onto grass every now and then. Its takes the pressure off the knees. I still think that some stretches thrown in during the day and a bit of a warm-up and down are of benefit.

The Joe Wicks workouts have been great but I’ve realised I need to stretch more. Fortunately, I quit the gym before the CV-19, as I’ve bought myself some weights and am now doing the Les Mills program. You have to quite disciplined to do this but its easier now we all have more time.

If any of you are fans of Pilates and Yoga like me, there are some great Youtube videos. I can recommend Body Control Pilates with Lynne Robinson. Its gentle and very effective.

I expect we will all spend a bit more time on our devices. Its far too tempting. There’s nothing wrong with this- its now become a part of our daily lives. The problems arise if you resort to a bad posture for a prolonged period. So, try to think about how you’re sitting or lying and don’t do it for too long. 10-15 minutes maximum for phones or iPads, 30-40 minutes maximum for desktops and laptops. Then get up and move about- go in the garden, maybe.

Whether you’re a current or past patient of Shrewsbury Chiropractic Clinic, or someone interested in my blogs, please look after yourselves. Keep on moving.

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