May Getaway

The second May Bank Holiday is fast approaching.

Many see this as a great opportunity to get away – for the day, the weekend or maybe a week in the sun.

Unfortunately, many others have the same idea too! Please keep our car travel tips in mind, if you are facing a long or potentially delayed journey.

Make adjustments

  • Ensure the seat position is adjusted to suit you each time you get in, especially if you share a car.
  • The back of the seat should be set slightly backwards and should feel natural.
  • Your elbows should be at a comfortable and relaxed angle for driving.

Steering wheel

  • Once you have adjusted your seat correctly, your hands should be relaxed on the steering wheel.
  • Keep a slight bend in the arms.
  • If the wheel is too high and far away, tension will build up in your shoulders and upper back.
  • If it is too low and close to you, the wheel may be touching your legs.
  • This will reduce your ability to turn it freely, putting strain on the wrists and the muscles of the upper back.


  • Avoid wearing wear high heels, or very thick-soled shoes. Then you will have to over-extend the ankle in order to put pressure on the pedals.
  • As well as making it much harder to deal with an emergency stop, this position will raise your thigh from the seat (reducing support to your leg) and create tension (and possibly cramp) in the calf.
  • This, in turn, will impair the blood flow on a long journey.


  • A relaxed driving position reduces stress on the spine, thus allowing your seat to take your weight.
  • Take regular breaks. Everyone needs to stop and stretch their legs (and arms!) at least every two hours, more often if possible.
  • Clench your cheeks – exercise in your seat if you are stuck in traffic.
  • Try buttock clenches, side bends, seat braces (pushing your hands into the steering wheel and your back into the seat – tensing and relaxing).
  • Other exercises include shoulder shrugs and circles.
  • Keep well hydrated.
  • It’s all in the timing, so allow plenty of time for journeys to avoid stress.

Enjoy your weekend!





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