Revenge of the TABLET


People worldwide have been buying up tablet computers—small, thin devices such as Apple’s iPad–in droves, partly because of their ease of use and portability.

The beauty of tablets and other mobile devices is their flexibility. You can use them almost anywhere and in different ways. They can be used lying down, standing up, you can hold them in your hand. Unfortunately some of the postures people are in when using a tablet can be awkward and lead to discomfort with prolonged use.

Here at Shrewsbury Chiropractic we have come up with some tips to help prevent some of these aches and pains associated with tablet use:

  • Twenty minutes is long enough on a tablet so take a break and do something else. If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain perhaps consider less than this.
  • A stand or propping the tablet up may help, so that you avoid gripping it, as this can cause problems in the forearm as well as causing you to bend your neck forward.  If you do need to hold it, keep your wrist straight.
  • Only use the onscreen keyboard for short messages. If you need to perform longer tasks use an external keyboard or a PC
  • Try alternating between the left and right hands for navigation
  • When reading think about your posture. Lean back rather than forward to avoid strain on the neck
  • If using a smart phone, hold it at eye level don’t look down to it
  • Keep an eye on your child’s spine as they will copy your behaviour. Not only will they think it’s acceptable to use phones and tablets for long periods if you do, but they will also observe your posture and without realising may adopt a similar posture leading them to suffer as well.

Just remember, if you find yourself rubbing your shoulders or neck after a long day or if you are noticing more pronounced aches and pains, chiropractic may be the answer. To make an appointment or would like any information please call Shrewsbury Chiropractic today.

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