Top Tips To Avoid Back Pain At Christmas

We’re getting ever closer to the ‘Big Day’ and the stress is positively palpable around Shrewsbury! Everyone’s rushing about, but how  do you avoid getting the knots and aches when out and about? Here are some of Jon’s Top Tips for preventing back pain over the Christmas period.

1./ Take Your Time Shopping! Plan your journey into town. Even better, pick a sensible time to go in. Don’t let the stressed people get to you. Stress can lead to tension and an increased likelihood of muscle strains. So RELAX!

2./ Park Where Its Easy To Get Back From All The Shops (Or Do It Online!). Try not to carry too many heavy bags in one go. You could take a rucksack rather than carrying lots of bags. Do you want to end up looking like a sherpa on the Himalayas?

3./ Wrap Up Warm. If it’s freezing and windy you are more vulnerable to a muscle strain so keep your shirt tucked in, get the woolies on and wear a scarf.

4./ Good Posture Whilst Card Writing /Present Wrapping. Try sitting down in an upright chair at a dining room table to write those cards. Try wrapping the presents standing up at the table, but watch your posture and don’t lean over too much. 

5./ Rest Every Now And Then And Keep Hydrated. After you drop the first load of presents in the car, why not support a local cafe and get yourself a warm drink. If you have a caffeine drink, get yourself a small bottle of water to prevent dehydration. Muscles are more likely to strain if dehydrated.

6./ Sit Up Straight And Support Yourself. Ok, you’ve had a few sherries, eaten too much food, flopped onto the sofa or armchair, grabbed the chocolates and you’re now preparing to watch a film that you’ve already seen before. Why not try putting a cushion behind you and make sure you get up regularly to move around. Even better go out and have a walk. Your back will feel better for it and it will probably reduce the chances of indigestion!

7./ Invest In Your Health. If you are starting to get these warning signs, come in and have a check up! Nobody wants a bad back over Christmas.

Have A Great Christmas And Enjoy It!



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